Jasmine Dragon Pearls/Peach Tranquility Tea Blend

Jasmine Dragon Pearls & Peach Tranquility Tea Blend

Happy Monday, all! It’s a good day for a good day!!! 😉

It was an absolutely great weekend for me. The weather was sun-shiny bright, I got quite a bit accomplished, AND…. Yay for me, I signed up for a super cool food photography bootcamp. And big bonus, I also bought a nice camera to up my picture taking skills. To say I’m excited is a huge understatement. This workshop is going to completely change the game for me, and I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me!

On another fun note, I wanted to share this delicious tea blend with you all. I don’t like using the terms “Greatest” or the “Best”  when labeling different foods or drinks, but that is exactly what this tea is. And I’m being completely honest when I say, I’ve NEVER had anything like it before. Ever.

I love tea! Hot tea, cold tea, sweet tea, black tea, green tea….you get the point. And when my sister introduced me to this new flavor it completely changed the way I feel about this drink overall.

I remember going to the Teavana store to find out more about this blend, and when one of the associates gave me a sample glass, the first thing out of my mouth was, “This is the best tea I’ve ever had in my entire life!” I don’t even know how to describe the flavor profile, but it was mind blowing. And because I love it so much I want to share it with everyone I know.

The blend is called Jasmine Dragon Pearls (a flavored Green Tea) and Peach Tranquility Tea (an Herbal Tea) by Teavana. The absolute divine smell of this blend alone will send you running! It is seriously that good!

So if you’re a lover of tea, you should definitely give this a try. Fair warning though, it is pretty expensive, but totally worth it. I can’t remember if I purchased 8 or 12 oz, but it was around there for about $40-$50. I know, it’s expensive, but again it’s worth it. If you buy some, please let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear your feedback. (The link to the main website is provided below. You’ll have to find a location near you, or you can also find it on Amazon).

*Note: everyone’s taste is different, so you may have to finagle it to get it just right, but the way it’s listed below is how the store made it for me. (Personally, I’ve had to add more tea to try to recreate the exact taste, but I’ve almost got it).\

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Jasmine Dragon Pearls & Peach Tranquility Tea Blend

  • 2 tsp Jasmine Dragon Pearls/Peach Tranquility Tea Blend
  • 8 oz Water
  • 1 tsp Rock Sugar
  1. In a glass measuring cup, heat the water to 175 degrees F. Add your sugar and let it dissolve. 

  2. Add the water and tea blend into a French Press, and let it steep for 2 minutes.

  3. Now…sit back, relax and sip!!! 


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