Hey friends! My name is Naomi, and I am so happy you are visiting my blog. I’m a native Coloradan and absolutely love this state and all it affords in scenery and life. Of course I am biased, but it is the best place to live!

On a personal note, I am a woman of faith, and my faith is central to my life. It was not until well into my adulthood that I was challenged to rethink God. It was then that I discovered the love and grace of God more than I have ever known before.

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How A Life Delicious Got Started:

After getting married, I quit my job in Denver and relocated to southern Colorado. I was in a state of flux, wondering what to do next career-wise. My husband put no pressure on me and encouraged me to simply pursue anything I loved. This led to several conversations with him, each time coming back to the topics of food, cooking and creativity. To say the least, we brainstormed idea after idea…cooking school, applying for all cooking positions in local restaurants, and even opening a food truck. Each of those ideas, however, lacked “something.” It wasn’t until later that year while driving to Minnesota for Christmas, that I told him about a YouTube video I had seen. Immediately, he suggested that I start a food blog. And, although that hit an immediate mark in my head and heart, I initially blew it off.

However, the idea kept lingering and was the one plan that would not let go. With continual encouragement and prompting from my husband, I finally decided to rip off the band-aid, put my fears aside, and officially start a food blog! The first thing I needed was a name. And, during a long walk and brainstorming session with my husband, A Life Delicious, was born!

So, in the fall of 2017, I officially launched my food blog to share my love of food.

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The Backstory About Naomi From A Life Delicious:


Before I go forward with this story, I need to go back in time just a bit. As a young adult in 2011, I found myself “self-diagnosing” several health issues, all because I didn’t want the hassle of having to spend tons of money on doctor visits and tests. Looking back on that though, it was a ridiculous move as I was having horrific stomach and acne issues. More times than not, after I ate, I would immediately feel sick (i.e., hellacious stomach cramps, bloating, severe symptoms of acid reflux, feelings of horrible nauseous, and/or a distended stomach). My symptoms were so bad at times, that I would need to leave work. And unfortunately, things would get much worse before they got better. Believe me, I didn’t just let all of this go completely unchecked. I started to eliminate certain things in my diet, etc., and I did figure out that my issue was probably dairy, gluten or both. However, I didn’t get this medically confirmed. I just knew that when I was more careful with the food that I was eating (less dairy, less gluten, less processed foods) that I felt better.

Even though I had this newfound knowledge I wasn’t completely sold out on making a full commitment. As time went on, I would still consume gluten and dairy. And, before too long, I found myself taking acid reflux medication, ulcer medication, and different acne medications in the hopes that I would calm down whatever was happening to my body. I even took Accutane, which I DO NOT recommend. All that to say, none of that helped, but rather was a band-aid to a much larger problem that was brewing.


One night, during the summer of 2019, after hours of reading several articles regarding the link between cow’s milk and acne, I had an aha-moment. I walked away knowing that I needed to get off dairy for my overall skin health. Those articles confirmed to me that my acne was being made worse by the cow’s milk. So, for the entire summer I didn’t consume cow’s milk or any of its by-products. I also started to weed out some gluten and completely stepped away from refined sugar. Can you take a guess as to what happened next? Not only did my skin clear up, it was flawless. And, to my surprise, a lot of my horrible stomach pain diminished. I felt like a whole new person! This experience triggered something within me. From that moment on, I chose to be very mindful of the ingredients and food I ate…or so I thought!


Fast forward to the spring of 2022. Remember all the stomach issues that started way back in 2011? Well, this is the year that it all came to a head. No more “self-diagnosing”, no more taking random medications to see what works or doesn’t, and no more eliminating certain foods. I needed help!

One random day, my symptoms got so severe that my husband and I couldn’t tell what was going on. I had the worst stomach pain that I had ever experienced in my entire life. My stomach was severely distended and the pain reached all the way up into the back of my throat. Nothing I did would take the pain away. Things were so bad, we even debated on rushing to the emergency room. Luckily though, I was able to get an emergency stomach scope scheduled for the following week. Come to find out, I was diagnosed with severe gastritis, which, in short, is stomach inflammation. It had gotten so bad that it took about eight weeks for the pain to calm down, and for me to even consider eating anything other than super bland food. I was so ill I had to be put on a medication for months. (That was a chore in and of itself too. The first three medications made me even sicker. The fourth seemed to help). However, this was my wake-up call. This experience truly scared me to death!

On a crazier note, I have even suffered from major spine issues that date back to my high school days. Those issues have been so debilitating that I agreed to a spinal fusion back in February of 2021. Ultimately, I canceled that surgery at the urging of two additional specialists. I say that to say this, I am wondering if all of these “inflammation” issues are linked.

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My Greatest Takeaway From This Experience:

So, yet again, I did another deep dive into research – Google searching, reading books, and listening to podcasts. I even found a couple of Instagram accounts that promote clean eating and have proven to give very sound advice. I read about anything and everything I could find on anti-inflammatory foods, and I implemented these changes immediately. From eliminating coffee, spicy food, gluten, to adding jasmine green tea, bone broth, a top of the line probiotic and fermented foods – you name it – I did it. I even went grain-free in a lot of ways as well. Personally, I never truly had a bad diet. I have always eaten healthy. Heck, I tell my husband all the time, “We need to eat the rainbow!” Luckily, I was already eating a ton of anti-inflammatory foods. However, my biggest and greatest takeaway from the research is that I need to read the labels of every food product. So many food items on the shelf contain inflammatory oils, gluten, refined sugar, gmo dairy, gums, additives and natural flavors. All of which are inflammatory and very bad for your gut health.

Where A Life Delicious Is Going:


As I have moved forward with my new point of view, I can say that I’m not on any specific diet, but I do tend to lean more towards a paleo lifestyle. However, I am not 100% dedicated to it. I still use certain grains like gluten-free oats and rice here and there. Also, I use legumes and certain processed meats like bacon and lunch meat. And, as much as I can, I buy organic, non-gmo, grass-fed produce and meats. Again though, I make sure to find the best quality products for my body so I can feel my best.

The foods that I do stay away from include refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy with small exceptions (I still enjoy authentic parmesan cheese or goat cheese on rare occasions), as well as gluten and refined vegetable oils. As it relates to sweeteners, I only use natural sweeteners – honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar and dates. Lastly, if a product label includes any type of natural flavors or additives/preservatives I steer clear. (There are exceptions, but they are small). Look at it this way, if you can’t pronounce something on the ingredient list put the product back and walk away.

I’m here to say, since making these changes, I feel so much happier and healthier. This is the best I have ever felt since 2011! You would be surprised at how changing certain things in your diet can alter the way you feel. Overall, it comes down to balance and what works best for you.

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What Else You Need To Know About Naomi:

On my blog you will find simple, delicious, and mindful recipes made with real ingredients. I also don’t necessarily eat indulgent desserts, but the desserts I do create include better-for-you ingredients.

Please know, with a major transformation like this comes the added work of changing certain recipes on the website. There are recipes that still need to be made gluten, dairy or refined-sugar free. I will get to these recipes, but it will take some time. That said, if you are interested in a recipe that needs a swap, please email me with any questions and feel free to ask for my recommendations. My hope is that everyone who visits my website can find something to fall in love with. So, please come gather around my table!

Here are a couple more things about me. I’m your typical girl’s girl. I love fun clothes, makeup and sports cars but, most of all, I love good food! As time goes on, I even want to share the clean beauty and clean household products I am learning about. I hope you enjoy the journey along with me!

Other Ways To Connect With Naomi:

And, I would love it if you would come follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. On Pinterest and Facebook, you will find all my recipes. On Instagram you will find my current recipes, and my latest swaps, tips and tricks. My recipes are also featured on Punchfork, Foodgawker and Yummly. Be sure to follow along and please share my accounts with those you know.

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More Notes About Naomi:

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