Hey friends! My name is Naomi, and I am so happy you are visiting my blog. I’m a native Coloradan and absolutely love this state and all it affords in scenery and life. Of course, I am biased, but it is the best place to live!

On a personal note, I am a woman of faith, and my faith is central to my life. It was not until well into my adulthood that I was challenged to rethink God. It was then that I discovered the love and grace of God more than I have ever known before.

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How A Life Delicious Got Started:

After getting married, I quit my job in Denver and relocated to southern Colorado. I was in a state of flux, wondering what to do next career-wise. My husband put no pressure on me and encouraged me to simply pursue anything I loved. This led to several conversations with him, each time coming back to the topics of food, cooking and creativity. To say the least, we brainstormed idea after idea…cooking school, applying for all cooking positions in local restaurants, and even opening a food truck. Each of those ideas, however, lacked “something.” It wasn’t until later that year while driving to Minnesota for Christmas, where I told him about a YouTube video I had seen. Immediately, he suggested that I start a food blog. And, although that hit an immediate mark in my head and heart, I initially blew it off.

However, the idea kept lingering and was the one plan that would not let go. With continual encouragement and prompting by my husband, I finally decided to rip off the band-aid, put my fears aside, and officially start a food blog! The first thing I needed was a name. And, during a long walk and brainstorming session with my husband, A Life Delicious, was born!

What A Life Delicious & Naomi Is All About:

So, in the fall of 2017, I officially launched my food blog to share my love of food. However, it wasn’t until the summer of 2019, when experimenting with an “elimination diet”, that I discovered that I shouldn’t eat dairy. And let me tell you what, I felt like a whole new person! That experience triggered something within me. After tons of research I decided, from that moment on, to be very mindful of the ingredients and food I eat.

I am not on any specific diet, but I buy and cook with better-for-you ingredients than ever before. I’m here to say, since making this change, I feel so much happier and healthier. You would be surprised at how changing certain things in your diet can alter the way you feel. Overall, I just try to live by the 80/20 rule – splurging on the weekends – and rarely eating dairy (I still enjoy authentic parmesan cheese here and there, but it’s not all the time). It’s all about balance!

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What Else You Need To Know:

On my blog you will find easy, delicious recipes made with real ingredients. I also don’t necessarily eat indulgent desserts, but the desserts I do create include better-for-you ingredients.

Here are a couple more things about me. I’m your typical girl’s girl. I love fun clothes, makeup and sports cars but, most of all, I love good food! I hope you enjoy the journey along with me!

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More Notes About Naomi:

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