Beeyond The Hive (1st Partnership)

Today is such a special day! I am very proud to announce my partnership with Beeyond The Hive here in Colorado.

Beeyond The Hive Honey

Jacy, the owner, is a 4th generation beekeeper! She and her family have been commercial beekeepers since 1908, and they are the oldest beekeepers in Colorado. This family has built a beautiful legacy over the last 100 years, as is evidenced by Jacy’s continued commitment at Beeyond The Hive. 

Jacy Beeyond the Hive

Our partnership came to be by more than just chance…we’ve known each other since high school. That alone makes this, my first official partnership, that much more special. But, I am even more proud to feature Jacy’s honey, as it is simply the BEST honey I have ever tasted — truly and honestly! It’s raw, unfiltered, not pasteurized and is Kosher. It has a beautifully thick consistency, proving nothing is added to the honey. So, if you’re on the hunt for a high quality honey, look no further.

And, because Jacy and I have partnered together, we’ll be sharing a lot of fun things in the future, including special deals for all of our followers. Be sure to stay tuned on the amazing goodies to come!

Beeyond The Hive Honey Products

To celebrate today’s big announcement, Jacy is graciously offering 20% off the purchase of any Beeyond The Hive products. This special discount will only last until May 31, 2018. So hurry hurry!

Make sure to use the coupon code: ALIFEDELICIOUS20 at checkout for that 20% off. Click here to go to the store page. Happy shopping! 

* Photo credit of Jacy: Candice Baker Photography

Interested in working together? Please visit my contact page.


  1. We can’t wait to get our supply of honey! Bob especially enjoys good honey and we know this is going to be a special treat! Thanks for making it available!

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